Matthew K. Gold – Debates in the digital humanities. 2019

25 September, 2021 - examPrep

INTRO – A DH That Matters – Matthew K. Gold and Lauren F. Klein


CHAPTER 1 – Gender and Cultural Analytics: Finding or Making Stereotypes? Laura Mandell


CHAPTER 2 – Toward a Critical Black Digital Humanities Safiya Umoja Noble


CHAPTER 3 – Can Video Games Be Humanities Scholarship? James Coltrain and Stephen Ramsay


CHAPTER 5 – No Signal without Symbol: Decoding the Digital Humanities David M. Ber ry, M. Beatr ice Fazi, Ben Roberts, and Alban Webb


CHAPTER 6 – Digital Humanities and the Great Project: Why We Should Operationalize Everything— and Study Those Who Are Doing So Now – R. C. Alvarado


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