Monthly Archives: October 2021

Cynthia Radding – Landscapes of Power and Identity
Preface Highlight (yellow) – Page 18 · Location 178 Landscapes of Power and Identity undertakes two challenges that speak to the heart of the [...]
Oscar de la Torre – The People of the River
4 – In sum, according to a number of scholars, the 1988 constitutional clause underlies the present-day process of black peasants’ identity-building [...]
Gabriela Soto Laveaga – Jungle Laboratories
INTRODUCTION Highlight (yellow) – Page 19 · Location 183 This book is about a forgotten chapter in Mexican history : the search for wild yams called [...]
Cynthia Radding – Wandering Peoples
Preface Highlight (yellow) – Page xv · Location 623 Wandering Peoples recounts the persistence of indigenous peasant nations in Sonora during the [...]
Gregory Cushman – Guano and the Opening of the Pacific World
1 Introduction Highlight (yellow) – Location 281 His subordinates owed him labor and allegiance as kin . In reciprocity , it was his sacred duty to [...]
Alfred Crosby – The Columbian Exchange
Xiii – Nothing can be understood apart from its context, and man is no exception. He is a living entity, dependent on a number of other living [...]
Patrik Svensson – Between Humanities and the Digital
1 – The volume describes the breadth and depth of how the humanities engage with the digital and information technology, including [...]
Eric T. Meyer – Knowledge Machines
1 – This book is about how the Internet has transformed knowledge. More specifically, it is about how digital tools and data, used collaboratively [...]
Susan Schreibman – A New Companion to Digital Humanities
PREFACE Xvii – It remains debatable whether digital humanities should be regarded as a “discipline in its own right,” rather than a set of related [...]
Samuel Truett – Fugitive Landscapes
What is most surprising is not how hard it was to predict this world in 1891 , but how hard it is to remember it today . This is partly due to the power of [...]
Franco Moretti – Graphs, Maps, Trees
2 – The distant reason for these choices lies in my Marxist formation, which was profoundly influenced by Galvano DellaVolpe, and entailed therefore [...]
Allen F. Isaacman – Dams, Displacement, and the Delusion of Development
4 – The newly installed Frelimo government—after years of claiming that Cahora Bassa, by providing cheap energy to apartheid South Africa, would [...]
Thomas Bartscherer – Switching Codes
INTRODUCTION 2 – It is precisely this kind of dialogue— the exchange between Powers and the other contributors— that Switching Codes aims to [...]
Julie Thompson Klein – Interdisciplining Digital Humanities
Foreword Cathy N. Davidson Vii – Interdisciplining Digital Humanities: Boundary Work in an Emerging Field challenges the reader to not only visit the [...]