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Sinah Theres Kloß – The Global South , Vol. 11, No. 2 – The Global South as Subversive Practice
The Global South as Subversive Practice: Challenges and Potentials of a Heuristic Concept — Sinah Theres Kloß 1 – It argues that the “Global [...]
Frederick Cooper – Colonialism in Question
3 – Such concerns have led some scholars to examine thoughtfully the complex ways in which Europe was made from its colonies and how the very [...]
Allen F. Isaacman – Dams, Displacement, and the Delusion of Development
4 – The newly installed Frelimo government—after years of claiming that Cahora Bassa, by providing cheap energy to apartheid South Africa, would [...]
Gabrielle Hecht – Being Nuclear
In Being Nuclear: Africans and the Global Uranium Trade, Gabrielle Hecht explores the economic, political, and technoscientific components of uranium [...]
Traci Brynne Voyles – Wastelanding
Traci Brynne Voyles Wastelanding: Legacies of Uranium Mining in Navajo Country is a ghastly tale of zombies, marxistly vampiric corporations, the Naayéé’ [...]
Timothy Mitchell – Rule of Experts
Timothy Mitchell’s Rule of Experts examines the technopolitics of modernity in Egypt from roughly 1892 when the British invaded to the late 20th century. [...]
On Barak – Powering Empire
On Barak’s Powering Empire: How Coal Made the Middle East and Sparked Global Carbonization seeks to “decolonize our world” by demystifying “energy”. He [...]
Michitake Aso – Rubber and the Making of Vietnam
Michitake Aso’s Rubber and the Making of Vietnam: An Ecological History, 1897-1975 traces the development of Vietnamese rubber plantations from French [...]
Michael K. Bess – Routes of Compromise
Michael K. Bess’s Routes of Compromise: Building Roads and Shaping the Nation in Mexico, 1917-1952 is a comparative history of Nuevo León’s and Veracruz’s [...]
Marisa Duarte – Network Sovereignty
Marisa Duarte’s Network Sovereignty: Building the Internet Across Indian Country is something of a hybrid between a historically-contextualized sociology [...]
Helen Tilley – Africa as Living Laboratory
Helen Tilley’s Africa as Living Laboratory: Empire, Development, and the Problem of Scientific Knowledge, 1870-1950 asks three questions: first, “how did [...]
Eden Medina – Beyond Imported Magic
Eden Medina, Ivan da Costa Marques, Christina Holmes, Marcos Cueto and their contributors to their edited volume Beyond Imported Magic: Essays on Science, [...]
David Edgerton – The Shock of the Old
In Shock of the Old: Technology and Global History since 1900 David Edgerton puts forward a new paradigm for the historical study of technology: a [...]
Sonia Robles – Mexican Waves
Sonia Robles’s Mexican Waves is the story of the development of the regional radio industry in northern Mexico from the 1930s to the 1950s. It seeks to [...]
Suzanne Moon – Technology and Ethical Idealism
Suzanne Moon’s Technology and Ethical Idealism: A History of Development in the Netherlands East Indies examines Dutch development efforts in the Indies [...]
William Storey – Guns, Race, and Power in Colonial South Africa
William Storey’s Guns, Race, and Power in Colonial South Africa explores, well, just that. I can’t summarize it any more succinctly than its own title [...]
Nick Calluther – The Hungry World
Nick Calluther’s The Hungry World details 70 years of food, agriculture, and ancillary development projects in Mexico, Africa, and, most prominently, Asia. [...]
David Biggs – Quagmire
David Biggs’s Quagmire is a politico-environmental history of nation-building in the Mekong delta of southern Vietnam from the precolonial Nguyen [...]