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Stephen A. Marglin – Towards the Decolonization of the Mind
Stephen A. Marglin, “Towards the Decolonization of the Mind”, in Dominating Knowledge: Development, Culture, and Resistance, eds. Frederique [...]
Can this taxonomic scheme (techne, episteme, and technai) apply to the interactions between Western-mode agronomists and Oaxaca’s indigenous population? What does it mean that Marglin’s essay employs the attitude and technique of episteme in order to make these claims? “But what is culture? We are all accustomed to thinking of culture as a set of rules, largely tacit […]
“However, under both criteria well-being may be said to improve if people opt for the new alternative. Either way, a sufficient condition for welfare improvement is that people vote with their feet or their pocketbooks or their ballots for the modern over the traditional. Under the intrinsic criterion, the choice of new alternatives is evidence […]
Two Epistemic Conceptions – Mechanistic & Agroecological