Monthly Archives: September 2021

John Soluri – Banana Cultures
3 – The banana’s late-nineteenth-century transition from an exotic novelty to a commodity of mass consumption in the United States produced much more [...]
Arthur & Bode – Advancing Digital Humanities
INTRO – Collecting Ourselves – Katherine Bode and Paul Longley Arthur 1- Digital humanities has become an influential and widely adopted term [...]
Domenico Fiormonte – The Digital Humanist
Preface Digital Humanities at a political turn? Geoffrey Rockwell X – The new version of this book is current, accessible, and argues that humanists [...]
Matthew K. Gold – Debates in the digital humanities. 2019
INTRO – A DH That Matters – Matthew K. Gold and Lauren F. Klein Ix – What is the role of the digital humanities in the charged [...]
Thomas Rogers – The Deepest Wounds
1 –  Freyre indicts the brutal, race-based system of bondage and the concentration of land ownership in the hands of a powerful and avaricious few as [...]
Constance Crompton – Doing Digital Humanities
1 – The Digital Humanities Summer Institute has grown concurrently with the dynamic field of digital humanities. Best defined as the intersection of [...]
Anne Burdick – Digital_Humanities
Vii – The present volume puts itself forward in support of a Digital Humanities that asks what it means to be a human being in the networked [...]
Nicholas A. Robins – Mercury, Mining, and Empire
4 – Just as the explosion of silver production would have far-reaching consequences on the global economy, it also had a profound and enduring effect [...]