Thesis Question

3 February, 2018 - Thesis

From Stephen Marglin’s “Towards the Decolonization of the Mind”:

What is the nature of choice for the indigenes of Oaxaca in the implementation of agricultural modernization? Are they left with the choice of retaining traditional agricultural techniques and philosophies? What choices did they make? What do their ‘revealed preferences’ (see Marglin) indicate about both agricultural modernization (and it’s techniques) and agricultural traditionalism (and its techniques). What theoretical framework — of development, of modernization, of scientific and technical knowledge — can account for an indigenous group’s choice to hybridize traditional and Western-agronomic agricultural practices? Can their choice to hybridize two philosophical and agricultural systems conjured up by intellectuals as mutually incompatible dialectics help us transcend binaristic either/or attitudes to the study of knowledges?

Can choice be a research methodology?

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