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Nicholas A. Robins – Mercury, Mining, and Empire
4 – Just as the explosion of silver production would have far-reaching consequences on the global economy, it also had a profound and enduring effect [...]
Shaylih Muehlmann – Where the River Ends
4 – Combining analytic techniques from linguistic and political anthropology, I examine how local people use symbolic and material tools, including [...]
Liza Grandia – Enclosed
FOREWARD X –  One of the harder things to include in a historical examination of contemporary conflicts is the tension between divergent renderings [...]
Seth Garfield – In Search of the Amazon
INTRO 1 – Yet the Amazon enthralls us through more than its physical wonders. Its power is a social product, forged by people and institutions that [...]
Emily Wakild – Revolutionary Parks
1 – Rarely have tropical or postcolonial countries had the ability or the ambition to protect nature on a national scale. Why did Mexico? This book [...]